In law as in life, experience truly is the best teacher. When your assets, reputation, and business interests are in jeopardy in a lawsuit, it may well be the best defense too. The attorneys at Sheffer Monhollen & Tackett bring to the practice of law a breadth and depth of expertise from 100 years of combined legal experience, along with day-to-day attention to detail that is crucial in preparing an effective defense.

The combined professional experience of the firm’s legal team – attorneys, paralegals and staff – spans decades of legal practice amid often dramatic changes in laws, legal standards and society itself. Awareness of those changes and adaptation to them undergird decisions that can mean the difference between success and failure in negotiations, and victory and defeat in court.

Invaluable experience

From defending physicians and hospitals to long-term care directors and nurses, from actively defending clients in trials to advocating for them in settlement negotiations, Sheffer Monhollen & Tackett attorneys draw on their experience of busy days and fruitful years spent doing the large and the small in the practice of law. Depth in their fields of focus, breadth in their exposure to all facets of the law, and close attention to detail throughout – this is the legal representation that experience, competence, and diligence engender and provide.

Sheffer Monhollen & Tackett PLLC