Elizabeth Dietrich

Elizabeth Dietrich has been a legal secretary for 30 years, working primarily with attorneys in litigation defense. Her work the past 19 years with Ron Sheffer has focused on medical malpractice, assisted living, skilled and long-term care cases. Elizabeth handles a variety of organizational matters, including trial preparation and personnel.

Aside from work, Elizabeth dedicates her time and energy to her family. She and her husband J.R. have two daughters; a son, now deceased; and five grandchildren. A resident of Oldham County, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville, she is also an avid and active gardener.

Elizabeth likes to have her nose in a book whenever possible and enjoys sampling various cuisines with her husband, a talented cook. A Chicago native, she is a devoted Cubs fan who, with J.R., likes watching major league baseball, NHL hockey and an occasional nature program or movie.

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