The law offices of Sheffer Monhollen & Tackett are conveniently located in the 500 West Jefferson Building in the heart of downtown Louisville, just a block from the Jefferson County Judicial Center. The newly renovated office tower, the local headquarters of Baird as well as other financial and legal entities, offers well-equipped office suites along with a range of new amenities for clients and staff alike. Among these are an outdoor rooftop terrace; an expansive lobby with a popular deli, a Nashville-based coffee bar and a wraparound lounge; a dedicated in-house gym for building workers; and a business conference center with breakout meeting spaces. Much like the firm itself, the building combines traditional structure with updated modern excellence to create an efficient and attractive offering in downtown Louisville.

Sheffer Monhollen & Tackett, PLLC
500 West Jefferson Street, Suite 1240
Louisville, KY 40202